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Kit composed of 3 elements with the same lowered and aerodynamics shape.
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Omologazione R10R10 UNECE

Omologazione R65R65 UNECE Class 1



KIT TOK composed of:

  • 2 beacons ARS model with polycarbonate cover in blue or sky blue colour, single crown with 15 Power LEDs emitting blue colour flashing and cruise light. Two light intensities: Night/Day. A pair of rubber levelers for the mounting on the vehicle roof.
  • 1 electrical remote controlled searchlight, BL6 model, provided with: Automatic anti-dazzle device and identification of the shaft of light in light up phase; Luminous source composed of 6 Power LEDs; 110° vertical movement; 360° no stop horizontal movement; Movement remote control.


Available in EVO configuration, which is composed of an additional parable placed on the base of the flashing crown and provided with the following integrated functions:

  • LED front lights
  • LED alley lights
  • LED intermittent rear lights
  • Integrated control unit and satellite control with back-lighted keys for the managing of all functions.

BL6 is also available in radio controlled version.


2 ARS beacons (blue dome) + 1 BL6 remote controlled searchlight

2 ARS beacons (sky blue dome) EVO configuration + 1 BL6 remote controlled searchlight, n.1 remote control COM.SAT.EVO

2 ARS beacons (sky blue dome) EVO configuration +1 BL6 radio-controlled searchlight, n.1 remote control COM.SAT.EVO

2 ARS beacons (blue dome) +1 BL6 radio-controlled searchlight

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